Support System Plan 53B In China
Product detail
Product Name:Support System Plan 53B
Model No:Plan 53B


Working Principle
This system is mainly consisting of coil heat exchanger, bag accumulator, pressure gauge, temperature gauge and pressure alarm switch etc. It is mainly used in flushing plan of API682 Arrangement 3.
Heat produced by friction and mixing can be cooled while secondary seal rotates through coil heat exchanger, providing circulation force through pumping ring on the mechanical seal. Bag accumulator provides stable pressure for system after seal leakage and provides energy storage refilling amount of 1.5L barrier fluid for system. If barrier fluid pressure is less than seal chamber pressure of media side 0.05Mpa, pressure alarm switch will give alarm signal automatically to remind operator refilling barrier fluid to system. Refilling barrier fluid can be made through hand refill pump which is equipped with system itself or movable style. Refilling pressure can be shown through pressure indicator. Commonly barrier fluid pressure is seal chamber pressure of media side 0.14~0.17Mpa. Barrier fluid should be selected according to processing media characteristics, try to select better one of good inter-solubility with processing media.

High steam pressure, flash hydrocarbon, dangerous and poisonous processing media, easy conductive media, dirty/ containing solids or easy polymeric media etc.

mechanical seal support system